Walls with architectural details


Eaves concern architectural parts of a laying from a brick or ceramic stones of a pilaster, corbels, sandriki, rusty, buttresses, semicolumns, bay windows, frames of apertures of a curvilinear outline, and also podokonnye and other niches. Except architectural details from a brick, ceramic stones, ceramic, stone and concrete plates for registration of facades of buildings use the details produced from concrete, ceramics and a natural stone.

The Laying of architectural elements from a rectangular and profile brick carry out simultaneously with erection of external and internal walls of a building. Details of corbels and eaves spread from the bricks acting in the form of arms with a step profile, arms - from the obverse brick put on an edge or laid flatwise. Fields between arms fill with an ordinary either profile brick or art inserts.

Acting numbers of a laying in eaves, corbels etc. Irrespective of bandaging system carry out from the whole bricks. Thus sves each number of a laying the general carrying out of not reinforced eaves - no more 1 / 2 thickness of a wall is supposed no more than on 1 / 3 lengths of a brick, and. Eaves with the general carrying out more 1 / 2 . Thickness of a wall arrange from the reinforced bricklaying on a mark solution not more low 25 or from modular ferro-concrete elements, zaankerivaemyh in a laying. Them erect according to project instructions.

Overhanging numbers of eaves, corbels, and also other parts of walls to which laying apply tesanyj a brick, spread from a corpulent or special (profile) obverse brick even in that case when walls erect from a hollow brick.

Concrete and ferro-concrete architectural details apply at registration of platbands and slopes of door and window apertures, the device of corbels, the big eaves and to ornaments of facades. For the same purposes use architectural details from ceramics, and with ceramic details it is authorised to do eaves only vperevjazku with a laying napuskom. The general carrying out should not exceed half of thickness of a wall.

Architectural details from a natural stone make out mainly socles, platbands and slopes, and also from them arrange corbels.

Architectural details, as well as other facing products, establish both in the course of a laying, and on earlier put up walls. At installation of details in the course of a laying apply fastenings by hooks or skobami, closed up in seams of a laying during its erection, and other ways according to instructions of working drawings. Eaves from the modular details, having the carrying out exceeding half of a thickness of a wall, fix ankernymi the bolts which have been preliminary closed up in a laying on depth, set by the project.

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