the Way of a thermos


The Way of a thermos is based on preservation in a laying of warmth of the laid warmed-up materials and allocated with concrete in process tverdenija cement. A butovyj stone before packing warm on full depth, a concrete mix prepare from the warmed-up fillers (rubble, sand and water) and a laying cover in process of erection to keep in it warmth. The temperature of a concrete mix at packing should correspond accepted on calculation or specified in the project of manufacture of works so that during cooling butobetona in the warmed timbering the set durability of concrete has been reached.

To accelerate tverdenie concrete, a concrete mix warm up before its packing in a timbering, and also enter into its structure chemical additives which reduce temperature of freezing of a concrete mix that allows to use without heating vtaplivaemyj butovyj a stone.

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