a well Laying


Brick wells do at a lining of underground communications. Depending on appointment and the sizes wells happen round (fig. 64) or rectangular to walls in the thickness not less than 1 brick. To a laying of wells apply a corpulent ceramic brick and cement-limy or cement mortals.

Prior to the beginning of a well laying on the levelled ground arrange the concrete basis in the thickness 100... 150мм. After packing and hardening of a concrete mix on the basis do a well marking. For a round well mark its centre and an internal circle. For a rectangular well - spend longitudinal and cross-section axes, internal and external sides of walls. Then make and display a brick, spread a solution and stack a brick.

Round wells spread tychkovymi numbers. Bricks have so that them tychkovye sides have formed an internal surface of a well of the set diameter. A laying tie up, displacing bricks in adjacent numbers on 1 / 4 a brick. Vertical seams on an internal surface, and the layings widened on an external surface, entirely fill with a solution. Especially at the device of wells in damp gruntah. At small diameter of a well, external seams close up a solution, at the big diameter, for economy of a solution - rasshchebenivajut.

Round wells have in the bottom part the working chamber, which diameter much more diameter of the top part (mouth). Transition from the working chamber to a mouth do with gradual napuskom which size in everyone to a laying number makes 15... 30мм, prietom one party of a well leave steep on all height of a well. On this party establish running skoby 5 - them close up on a laying course through 4... 5 numbers on height in chessboard order so that they have formed a short flight of stairs.

The Laying of wells is carried out by a link from two persons, thus the mason 4... 5th category is in a well, spreads a solution and stacks bricks, and the mason of 2nd category submits to it materials. Depending on the sizes and depth of wells the link structure can be increased to 3... 4 persons.

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