Working links


One worker, and group of workers takes part In building process not. The group of the workers who are carrying out a complex of operations which make simple building process in the sum, is called as a link. To each working link the certain workplace - a zone at the erected design, equipped with necessary means in which labour activity of the executor or group of the executors in common performing one work or operation is made is taken away. The workplace organisation should be such that it was convenient to worker to work and that it did not do unproductive movements when it is necessary for it to take materials or products, tools, etc.

One of the primary goals of the organisation of work of links - maintenance of each worker with uniform and continuous work during change. For this purpose the separate site of the work which sizes are defined from a loading condition on it of a link during change without transitions to other sites and without shift podmostej or other adaptations is given to each link. Such sites of work name an allotment.

The Part of an erected building on which during certain time the brigade carries out certain building process, is called zahvatkoj.

On everyone zahvatke owing to limitation of its sizes allocate a field of operations in which limits workers with the mechanisms given out to it perform the work. At a stone laying a field of operations of masons is the site intended for work of a link or a brigade during change.

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