the Workplace


the Workplace the mason at a laying of walls (fig. 66, and, includes a site of a put up wall and a part of the area adjoining it in which limits place materials, adaptations, tools and the mason moves. The workplace of masons consists of three zones: the worker 1 - a free strip along a laying on which masons work; zones of materials 2 - on which place a brick, a solution and the details put in a laying in process of its erection; transport 3 - in this zone the scaffold workers providing masons by materials and mortgage details work. The general width of a workplace 2,5... 2,6м.

At a laying of brick walls with a brick and boxes with a solution place pallets along a field of operations in an alternating order. That it was convenient to submit a solution on walls, distance between the next boxes with a solution (them establish the long party to perpendicularly wall) should not exceed Z. 3,5м, and the stock stenovyh materials on a workplace should correspond 2... The 4-sentry of requirement for them. A solution load into boxes directly ahead of the work beginning. It is not necessary to submit excessive quantity of materials on workplaces not to block up workplaces and not to overload podmosti and woods.

At a laying of walls without facing pallets with a brick and a solution in boxes establish in a zone of materials in one number. If a laying carry out with simultaneous facing by ceramic stones or plates, materials establish in two ranks: in the first row - a brick, in the second - a facing material.

At a laying of piers pallets with a brick put against piers, and boxes with a solution - against apertures (fig. 66; at a laying of columns a brick have on the one hand a column, and a solution - with another.

Workplaces of masons: and - at a laying of solid walls, - at a laying of walls with apertures; zones: 1 - the worker, 2 - materials, 3 - transport

a Fig. 66. Workplaces of masons :
And - at a laying of solid walls, - at a laying of walls with apertures; zones:
1 - the worker, 2 - materials, 3 - transport

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