Zadelka of apertures


Apertures and large apertures close up a brick or stones of the correct form as well as a laying of walls of a corresponding thickness, tying up with an old laying and embroidering seams or vpustoshovku.

Special attention thus turn on that the aperture or aperture top has carefully been closed up. At packing of last top number of a laying a backlash (seam) between an old and new laying zachekanivajut a rigid cement mortal. Thus at first put and zachekanivajut last number zabutki, and then - obverse versts.

At zadelke a small aperture, a nest or a furrow at first clear a surface of a laying of dust and wash out its water. Then select and adjust with prikolkoj separate bricks. After that throw in a nest a solution and stack the prepared bricks. Thus it is not obligatory to tie up an old laying with a new laying. Furrows close up on all depth or in the form of the partition protecting the channel arranged in a wall.

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