Zadelka of beams


The Ends of beams close up both at building of new buildings, and at repair. At erection of stone buildings of a beam of overlappings stack on a course of a laying of walls: lead up a laying to level of a bottom of beams or basic pillows, mark places under basic pillows and stack them. Top of pillows verify on level or a level. After that a laying increase, erect to two numbers above level of interfloor overlapping, leaving nests for beams. Nests in height more than four numbers put with inclined shtraboj for the best bandaging at zadelke. The ends of beams stacked in nests fix in walls steel T-shaped anchors.

Examples zadelki in a wall of beams are shown on (fig. 151 , and. All metal parts which are closed up in a laying, cover with anticorrosive isolation - cement milk, hot bitumen or minium. The ends of metal beams (especially their end faces) wrap up felt 3 or mineral cotton wool, creating it teploizoljatsionnuju protection from promerzanija. The ends of wooden beams wrap up two layers of roofing felt 5, protecting from a moisture and rotting. End faces of beams leave opened: through them the moisture from wood evaporates. After adjustment of beams of a nest close up a laying, necessarily tying up it with earlier erected beam. Special attention thus turn on safety and correct position izoljatsionnyh wrappers and zadelku the anchors which design usually is underlined in the project. Also close up the ends of beams at repair work, for example at change of wooden overlappings.

Zadelka of the ends of beams in a laying: and - steel, - wooden; 1 - an anchor, 2 - the probe, 3 - felt, 4 - a solution, 5 - roofing felt, 6 - vozdushyj a backlash

a Fig. 151. Zadelka the ends of beams in a laying :
And - steel, - wooden;
1 - an anchor, 2 - the probe, 3 - felt, 4 - a solution, 5 - roofing felt, 6 - vozdushyj a backlash

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